Step 1: Overview

Preview Feature

This Getting Started section is a preview of our client and user onboarding. Soon, users can register their client and user accounts in our Sandbox environment. Check back soon to create your free account and start exploring our APIs.

Sandbox Environment

Clients are the primary entity in the Pace Software system. Clients typically represent organizations like ISOs, merchants, or banks. Users belong to one or more Client accounts.

You can create both User and Client accounts in our Sandbox environment to test our APIs.

Initially, when you first create your new User account, you are a member of our Sandbox Client. You can send transactions from this Sandbox Client, or you can create your own Client account in the Sandbox environment.

We Recommend Creating a Client Account with your User account

We recommend you create a Client account as a child of the Sandbox Client to have more control over the settings of the Client account.

We provide the encryption keys and test credit cards you need to send real test transactions to host processors.

Everything in the Sandbox environment is a simulation and does not effect the Pace Gateway production environment. You can create new client accounts

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