Partner Integrations

We understand the importance of seamless integration with industry-leading partners to provide our clients with the best possible payment processing experience. Pace Software currently partners with the following services:

Payment Processors


TSYS is a leading payment processor known for its comprehensive range of payment solutions and services. By integrating with TSYS, Pace Software's Public APIs enable businesses to leverage TSYS's robust infrastructure for secure and reliable payment processing. TSYS offers advanced features such as transaction processing, authorization, and settlement services. Their extensive network and industry expertise ensure seamless payment acceptance, supporting a wide range of card types and payment methods.


Fiserv is a prominent payment processor that offers innovative payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Integrating with Fiserv through Pace Software's Public APIs allows businesses to access Fiserv's powerful payment processing capabilities. Fiserv provides a comprehensive suite of services, including transaction processing, settlement, and reporting. Their platform supports various payment methods, allowing businesses to accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment options.


Chase is a well-known payment processor recognized for its reliability and extensive payment processing network. Integrating with Chase through Pace Software's Public APIs enables businesses to leverage Chase's infrastructure to process credit and debit card payments seamlessly. Chase offers a range of payment processing services, including authorization, settlement, and reporting. By integrating with Chase, businesses can benefit from their robust security measures and broad payment acceptance capabilities.


FIS (Fidelity National Information Services) is a leading provider of payment processing solutions globally. By integrating with FIS through Pace Software's Public APIs, businesses can leverage FIS's comprehensive payment infrastructure. FIS offers a wide range of payment processing services, including transaction processing, authorization, settlement, and reporting. Their scalable and secure platform enables businesses to accept payments from various channels, including online, in-person, and mobile.


SHAZAM is a trusted payment processor that specializes in providing secure and reliable payment processing solutions. By integrating with SHAZAM through Pace Software's Public APIs, businesses can access SHAZAM's extensive payment network. SHAZAM offers a range of services, including transaction processing, authorization, settlement, and fraud prevention. Their platform supports multiple payment methods, making it easy for businesses to accept payments through credit and debit cards securely.

Each of these payment processors brings its unique strengths and capabilities to the integration with Pace Software's Public APIs. By partnering with these industry-leading processors, Pace Software ensures that businesses can leverage the features and infrastructure provided by these processors to process payments efficiently, securely, and reliably. The integration with multiple payment processors also gives businesses the flexibility to choose the most suitable processor based on their specific needs, geographic coverage, and pricing models.

Card Tokenization

Pace Software's Public APIs are designed to integrate with several third-party tokenization services for card tokenization. Card tokenization is a process that replaces sensitive payment card data, such as card numbers, with unique tokens. These tokens can be securely stored and transmitted without exposing the actual card information. By partnering with tokenization servicews, we ensure that sensitive card data is protected at all times, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing the security of payment transactions.

Encryption Key Management

Pace Software leverages an HSM (Hardware Security Module) for encryption key management. An HSM is a dedicated hardware device that provides secure storage and management of encryption keys. By partnering with a third-party HSM, we ensure the highest level of security for encryption processes within our payment gateway. This partnership guarantees that sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted securely, protecting it from unauthorized access and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of payment transactions.

These partner integrations demonstrate our commitment to delivering a robust and reliable payment processing experience for our clients. By collaborating with industry-leading payment processors, card tokenization services, and encryption key management providers, we provide businesses with a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology, security, and seamless integration. With Pace Software's Public APIs, clients can trust that their payment processing needs are met with the utmost efficiency, reliability, and data protection.

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