System Features

Our payment gateway boasts an extensive list of features.

Virtual Terminal for Manual Payment processing

The virtual terminal allows users to manually process payments through a web browser or a mobile app. It serves as an interface where users can enter payment details, such as credit or debit card information, and initiate transactions. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to process payments in situations where a physical payment terminal is not available.

Support for Common POS Terminals

Our payment gateway seamlessly integrates with common Point of Sale (POS) terminals. These terminals enable businesses to accept payments through various channels, including in-person transactions. By supporting common POS terminals, our gateway simplifies the integration process for merchants who already use or prefer specific POS hardware or software solutions.

Multi-Factor Authentication

To enhance security, our developer portal implements multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA adds an extra layer of protection by requiring users to provide two or more authentication factors during login. This could include a combination of something the user knows (e.g., password), something the user has (e.g., a mobile device or hardware token), or something the user is (e.g., biometric data like fingerprint or facial recognition). By implementing MFA, we ensure secure access to the system and protect sensitive payment data.

User and Client Management

Our developer portal includes robust user and client management capabilities. Users can register, create profiles, and manage their accounts. Clients, such as businesses or organizations, can also register, create profiles, and manage their own accounts within the system. This functionality enables effective administration of user roles, permissions, access control, and client-specific configurations.

Device Management System

The device management system allows users and clients to register, associate, and manage devices within their accounts. Devices can include physical POS terminals, mobile devices, or other endpoints that interact with the payment gateway. This feature streamlines device registration and provides a centralized interface to monitor and control connected devices.

Reporting and Analytics

Our payment gateway offers a comprehensive reporting system that generates transaction and batch reports with essential filters. These reports provide valuable insights into payment activities, allowing users and clients to monitor transaction volumes, success rates, and other key metrics. The reporting feature helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their payment data, facilitating decision-making and performance analysis.

Host Processor Configuration

The host processor configuration functionality enables users and clients to set up and manage integration with different payment processors. Our system supports popular host processors, such as Fiserv, TSYS, Chase, FIS, and SHAZAM. By configuring the desired host processor, businesses can establish the necessary connections to process credit and debit card payments smoothly.

Integration with Partner Services for Tokenization and Encryption

To ensure secure payment processing, our gateway integrates with partner services for tokenization and encryption. Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data, such as card numbers, with unique tokens. This minimizes the exposure of sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches. Encryption secures data transmission by encoding it in a way that can only be deciphered by authorized parties. Through these integrations, we provide end-to-end security for payment transactions, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of customer data.

These functionalities collectively empower businesses to streamline their payment processing operations, enhance security, and gain valuable insights into their payment activities.

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