Transactions Service Overview

The Transactions Service of the Pace Software System is responsible for securely processing and managing payment transactions. It is designed to support various types of transactions, integrate with multiple payment processors, and ensure a high level of performance and security.

Features and Functionalities

Process Transactions

The Transactions Service can handle various types of transactions including authorization, capture, refund, and void operations. It enables the processing of payments from different payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets, offering flexibility to meet diverse customer payment preferences.

Store Transaction Data

This service securely stores all transaction data, such as transaction ID, client, user, amount, currency, status, and other related metadata. It also supports data retention requirements ensuring that all transaction data is stored and accessible for reporting and reconciliation purposes.

Transaction History and Status

The Transactions Service provides the status of a transaction, including approved, declined, or pending statuses. It is capable of retrieving a transaction history for a client or user, filtered by date range, transaction type, or other relevant criteria.

Error Handling

The Transactions Service is designed to handle various error scenarios gracefully. In case of issues like invalid credentials or insufficient funds, it returns appropriate error messages to the client, ensuring clear communication.

Transaction Limits

The system enforces transaction limits per client as configured in the system. This feature enhances security and mitigates the risk of fraud.

Service Design


The Transactions Service ensures the secure transmission, storage, and access of sensitive data, such as card information. It meets strict encryption and data protection requirements in compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations, including PCI DSS and PCI MPoC.

Performance and Scalability

The system is designed to handle a high volume of transactions and provide fast response times. It is capable of scaling horizontally to accommodate growth in transaction volume.


The Transactions Service is built to be robust and reliable, with mechanisms in place to handle failures and ensure transaction data integrity.

Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring and logging capabilities are integrated into the service, allowing for the tracking of performance, errors, and other relevant metrics. This feature supports efficient issue detection and resolution.

Example Use Case

A User accesses the virtual terminal to process a payment. After entering necessary details, the system sends this information to the appropriate payment processor for authorization. If the transaction is successful, the payment gets processed, and the system records the transaction.

Transactions Service APIs

The Transactions Service offers a set of API endpoints to support various operations:

  • POST /transactions/authorization: Authorize a credit card.
  • POST /transactions/capture: Capture an authorization.
  • POST /transactions/sale: Charge a credit card.
  • POST /transactions/refund: Request Refund of a settle transaction.
  • POST /transactions/void: Request to void a transaction that is not yet settled.

The Transactions Service is a critical component of the Pace Software System. It ensures secure, efficient, and reliable processing and management of transactions, contributing to a seamless user experience and supporting the system's growth and scalability.

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