Clients Microservice Overview


Welcome to the Clients Microservice section of the Pace Software Developer Portal. This microservice is responsible for managing client accounts including merchants, ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations), banks, and other entities. Key functionality includes creating, updating, and retrieving client information, managing client applications, and handling user roles and permissions within client accounts.

Core Functionalities

  1. Client Account Management The Clients Microservice facilitates the creation, retrieval, and updating of client accounts. This covers a range of client account types such as merchants, ISOs, and banks. You can also set up and manage a hierarchy of client accounts, reflecting parent-child relationships among them.
  2. Client Application Processing The service provides a secure process for client application submissions. This includes tracking application status and facilitating the manual review process by authorized personnel. This feature ensures that each client application is thoroughly reviewed for compliance and accuracy.
  3. User Role and Permission Management This component allows managing roles and permissions within client accounts. This ensures that each user associated with a client account has the appropriate access rights and permissions.

User Personas

The Clients Microservice is designed to cater to multiple user personas such as:

ISO Managers: Individuals responsible for onboarding new merchant clients and managing their accounts.

Merchant Owners: Small to medium business owners who use Pace Software platform for their payment processing needs.

Support Specialists: Representatives who assist clients with any issues or questions they may have about their accounts.

Compliance Officers: Individuals who are responsible for reviewing and approving client applications, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Account Managers: Professionals managing client relationships and responsible for updating client information as needed.

Use Cases

The Clients Microservice supports various use cases such as:

  • Submitting a new client application
  • Updating merchant account information
  • Troubleshooting client issues
  • Managing client contacts
  • Providing accurate business information during the application process
  • Assisting clients in troubleshooting problems with their account
  • API Endpoints

The Clients Microservice exposes various API endpoints to support the above-mentioned use cases. The documentation for these endpoints includes detailed explanations, example requests, and responses to aid in your development.

Security and Compliance

The Clients Microservice is built with a focus on security and data protection. It ensures that sensitive client information is securely stored and transferred, and access to this information is strictly controlled based on the user's role and permissions. Moreover, the service complies with all relevant security standards such as PCI DSS.


The Clients Microservice integrates seamlessly with other services within the Pace Software system, allowing for efficient data exchange and a consistent user experience.

Getting Started

To get started with the Clients Microservice, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the underlying data model, understand the various API endpoints, and learn how to authenticate your requests. Check out our detailed API documentation, complete with example requests and responses, to guide you through this process.

Welcome aboard and happy coding!

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